Burial Transit Permit

1. Four certified copies of death certificate (if the certified copies do not show a cause of death, the Consulate will require a photo of the original showing the cause or a letter of non-contagious w/cause from attending physician)
2. Burial permit/w raised seal
3. Letter of embalming on funeral home letterhead, letter must state that the remains were placed in a metal sealer casket.
4. Letter of non-contagious disease from State or County Health Official stating that the deceased did not die from a communicable disease and that there were no contagious diseases present in the area at the time of death, signed and notarized
5. Separate statement from the Funeral home that the casket contains only the remains of the deceased, A signed and notarized
6. Passport of deceased
7. Metal sealer casket
8. Outer wood box required/no inner liner
9. No Consul inspection is required. the Consulate will issue a letter of permission to ship.
10. A $15.00 (money order) A made out to the Consulate General of Nigeria. Processing time 3 business days from the day of receipt in the Immigration Dept.
10. Letter from the family verifying that they will pick up the body upon arrival in Nigeria with the name, address and phone# of the consignee.
11. Prepaid self addressed envelope has to be UPS mail